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If the large circle really does represent the earth, the whole thing about the inner square and circle - "Mercury" to some - depends on whether the geometer's dividers rest (one leg) on the exact centre of the larger circle. Which it seems to. And on whether that pyramid picks out the tops of the "Moon" square.

The maths can be simply (indficatively) done on a 14 X 11 grid, "on the square):


However, trig. reveals that the radii (which MUST be 5.5) don't quite match up. 4.05745 is closer. The angle is 22.545 and Gary Osborn's "Mercury" is actually 2921 miles in this construction (4.05745 X 720).

I still like the similarity between a Mercury 3032 and an Earth X phi sq. 3025.171 ...

the square roots of isis

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