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Over the course of 5,000 years, Earths climate has shifted resulting in sea level rises, and intensified droughts in areas that sustained human, plant and animal lifeand increased rainfall in areas that were previously arid. The declining access to fresh water has shifted many major human population centres and many of the cities of old have been abandoned and lay in ruin. Some have been covered by sand and other debris of thousands of years.

Technological progress continued for some time but the migration and resettlement of large populations as a result of climate changes caused a regression over a period of 1-2,000 years before progress became possible with stabilisation of population movements. People are now used to having their own AI powered bots help them with everyday chores such as cooking and cleaning.

Language has evolved - a new language born in the digital era has transpired. The new language had its roots in the ever expanding set of Emoji. Communication has generally become shorter and less information dense through the pervasiveness of messaging. Colour an patterns in the emoji take impart meaning. The English language and its archaic characters aren’t generally understood anymore. The ancient language survives through study of relatively few academics.

Archeologists are running an excavation on what was a moderate regional city have uncovered various buildings which were a hospital, a library and an office building. The purpose of the buildings is not known at the time of excavation as plans have long since been lost. The rooms that they’ve discovered in common between the buildings are:
- The toilets where porcelain artefacts and metal latches for the doors have been discovered;
- The cleaners / janitors room in which some disintegrated plastic pieces of buckets and metal mop poles with fibres have been found along with various plastic bottles which no longer have labels but once held cleaning chemicals;
- The admin offices where remnants of bookshelves, pots from office plants and trinkets such as coffee mugs and photo frames are found
How do they interpret the evidence before them?

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