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I didn’t mean to conjecture about the nature of the objects themselves; only to point out that the shape of the objects in each hand are similar between the two figures, but reciprocal from right to left, as would be the shape of the imaginary “objects” in Orion’s hands when viewed from different hemispheres.

To me, this is just suggestive that both gods are linked to or representative of the Orion constellation.

What I was hinting at is, that if both gods are definitely linked to Orion, then many of the common points of their mythologies may be describing the movement of Orion across the heavens (e.g. Viracocha leaving by way of serpent boat on the water = Orion aligning with the “serpent” dark center of the Milky Way against the “water” light background or the Milky Way, or perhaps water/sea is just the darkness of space itself). This would all suggest that the commonalities in these mythologies can be explained as figurative references to the movement of constellations through the precessions (which may still correlate with human developments that happened at certain time points), but not be directly alluding to direct events concerning these figures that may supposedly have happened on earth.

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