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Hi, I’m new here and have only just read Fingerprints, so this may be old news.

While reading the book, I noticed that Viracocha of Tiwanaku is holding, in his left hand, a forked object, and in his right, a linear/non-forked staff or object.

Osiris is holding a fanned or forked object in his right hand, and a staff or crook in his left.

Looking at the constellation Orion, from the northern hemisphere, (e.g. Egypt) Orion appears to have a forked or fanned object (if you connect the stars) in his right hand - considered a club by the Greeks, but it could just as easily be a forked staff or fan. In his left hand is a curvilinear or non-forked line/staff

From the Southern Hemisphere, this configuration would be upside down or reversed.

Thus, Osiris and the objects he holds would match the outline of Orion in Egypt. The same constellation, or same god, would match Viracocha and the objects that he holds when viewed from Peru.

Again; maybe old news. But thought I’d post it just in case.

Also if you consider Leo as the canine figure, and the Milky Way as a Serpent on the ocean, a lot of things about Orion coming from and going to the sea make sense.

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