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Thank you for this very interesting information which shows a high level of technicality of the civilization of remote times, which of course is very surprising for conservative minds.

It is a great novelty to see the scientific world accept the fact that a pyramid-shaped hill is not a result of nature but of the work of men. This is very new and encouraging. Another little effort on Yonaguni and Bimini and some other places and we will have made significant progress.

As an example, two photos of Theotihuacan pyramids taken by Désiré Charnay in 1880
1-Pyramid of the Sun:

2-Pyramid of the Moon:

The whole site was already recognized as an historical one since beginning of nineteenth century, a situation which led to excavations and restorations. Now, imagine an identical but lone pyramid in a remote place with no historical hints about its origins and meaning: In most cases, I bet that such a monument will be classified (definitively) as a natural curiosity of deceptive appearance.

Michel Demaria (retired engineer, France)

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