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How is it that we become so distracted by the latest trends and controversies that we fail to recognize the source of all of the issues of inconsistency in the science of human Origins?
The Cerutti Mastodon Kill Site should have sparked our recognition of a pattern that should be quite obvious. So much focus is given to the obvious holes in mainstream archaeological theories regarding megaliths. A hotly debated topic of independent research and alternate theorists right here every day. Everyone seeking to replace the obviously incorrect information with the correct versions. Has it never occurred to us that rather than picking apart this errant theory or that errant theory that perhaps we should widen our view to a much larger picture? Is it not errant assumption that truly lies at the base of all the errant theories and beliefs? Isn't it obvious that if you look at all of these megalithic sites that the last proprietors were not the original? Mainstreamers should be obvious in there never ending hypotheses which attempt to prove how creating this megalith or that could have actually been feasible.
The common denominator of alternate theories of each and every one is lost ancient civilizations is it not? For this to be true wouldn't their have to be evidence somewhere to support the idea that such ancient civilizations existed beyond the ancient ones we do know about?
What I propose is that the evidence does exist and indeed has been discovered more than once. Where has any evidence that might represent dates beyond the civilizations we already know about been presented...repeatedly? Where has this type of evidence been successfully disputed by arguments of mere speculation? Where has exploration beyond current mainstream accepted theories never been funded (sanctioned) and therefore thwarted?
Evidence so certain and indisputable that prior to its release it is announced in a rather prestigious publication such as Nature Magazine. It seems odd how the last evidence pushing similar dates was hotly contested, quickly and successfully disputed with a strong and valid skeptical argument like "might it be possible these examples could have been created by a turbulent water delivery system?" Percussion breaks require velocity. Velocity cannot be achieved in water, period.
And what of Hueyatlaco Mexico with the meticulous and methodical documentation that archaeologists are all sticklers about and multiple well trusted and proven dating techniques. 30 + years of speculative argument and delay after delay until...oh shoot, a house now exists over the site and it is certainly contaminated beyond all the other times that did not prove to be true.
Ales Hrdlicka known for destroying the career of any archaeologist presenting evidence contradicting his own theory of 10,000BP. Anyone have a guess as to what might have prompted such a hypothesis let alone a "scientific theory"?
An accidental discovery by a paleontologist near Clovis New Mexico and Ales Hrdlicka is credited with the archaeological discovery? WTF?
Cerutti Mastodon Kill Site, another accidental discovery by a paleontologist and coincidental construction site excavations. Not the first one to produce evidence of pre Clovis occupation. The first one to produce such solid evidence pushing the dates back far beyond mainstream archaeological beliefs, however. The archaeological team involved were not amateurs. All were extremely confident of the care in which their work and the site was treated. How can 130,000 year old bone even receive a greenstick fracture? It would simply crumble not break half way and it would have been obvious. How convenient that it was a construction site! I smell a serious rat!
Here are the facts, I hold the evidence in my own hands. The oldest tools on this continent, with undeniable wear evidence. I know more about lithics than any archaeologist in North America, likely because what I learned I learned from the best, and the best are not North Americans. Most believe you can only tell if a stone was chipped by man by asking an archaeologist. Nobody ever think of chipping stone themselves? I am a flint knapper and more importantly a stone chipper. I know percussion inside out and backwards. I can read energy transfer patterns of percussion breaks and tell you what type of percussion strikes were used, hammer strikes, anvil strikes, hammer and anvil strikes. I create lithic reproductions for testing and reproducing wear patterns. These ancient tools are in astronomical numbers everywhere. Rejected by archaeologists everyday because of a lack of conchoidal fracture? Come on, really? Every stone tool in North America was made of flint, chert, or obsidian with the microcrystaline structure required to even produce conchoidal fracture! BS! We are being lied to and have been for a century. we can't explore but we can chase non exists evidence till every dead end avenue is exhausted and pre Clovis evidence has existed since the seventies before we conclude Clovis technology began here! 80 + years we assumed they arrived with it and finally in 2016 we rule out the last avenue. Wake up and smell the coffee. There hasn't been a scientific theory about North American prehistory that has had any data whatsoever to even hypothesize. Science my dying @##! Define theoretical science and you will see not one shred of similarity. Why do we not allow foreign archaeologists to explore here? The entire world's science of human origins is rendered useless and we're all supporting a bunch of high priced welfare recipients! These crooks are stealing from humanity and we're so dependent on authority figures we'd rather accept a box of $#@& from some douche in a lab coat before using a little of our own discernment.
How stupid and gullable can we be people? Can anyone produce a shred of scientific evidence or data to the contrary? You're right Doc, they did back migrate, at least what was left of them when North America became a vast wasteland of scorched earth! Holly freaking smoke?

One cannot triumph without the aid of adversity.

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