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Journey to the Sun?

is my first thought, the title seemed to me as a play on the title of the original diffusion theory book The children of the sun
Book by William James Perry

This one proposed that the Lake Titicaca megalithic area was a center of initiation,for the world wide cultures. It suggests the Center of the journey to the Sun would bring ships to Peru (I sort of remember).
So it was after Fingerprints of the Gods. Was published.
It was maybe self Published under the Press Name Mercator press(maybe with a K merkator?) San Francisco (naturally).
Green cover softback with the God holding the Two Staffs from the gateway. The book also suggested the two staffs, healing rods or lightening bolts were San Pedro cactus.
I worked at BookPeople (independent book wholesaler) at the time and it was a unsolicited title so maybe I had the sample copy!
I want to reference it because I kinda sorta remember it as being one of the only reference places mentioning that the Copan courtyard was an astronomer conference location to measure and reset the calender after 3013 BC.
But then again that's my Holy grail of tieing the Mahabharata war (Kurukshetra war) & the Emporer of China sending out astronomy surveying crews after the Flooding in 3000 Bc; And the dynasty of Egypt,Pharoe Namur/ Mendes starting Dynasty 1.
so I could be projecting a lot into my memory of this book.
Journey to the Center of the sun?
Journey of the children of the sun?
Journey Towards the sun?

Only you can help me.

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