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More accurately Atlantis = Babel

Hi Graham (and all), I'm a fan of your books and wonderfully epic work! I just wanted to share some insights that I can go more into detail about if any of you want.

1) Looking at your research about Atlantis, and reading about Babel in the Book of Jubilee, helped me to realize that Babell is probably Atlantis (which is also called Overthrow in the Book of Jubilee. A similar story can also be found in Genesis). The timing seems to work out to coincide with the second asteroid or whatever caused things to warm up after the deluge. (I highly recommend downloading and reading both the books of Enoch and Jubilee, or listening to them on YouTube).

And 2) the 18th century mystic Swedenborg wrote a lot about an ancient culture that fits your explorations, and he purports to have had spiritual experiences with them. Moreover, I think the spiritual components of all the deluge stories have more credence than many of us today might like to believe. Thanks again for opening my and so many others' eyes!

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