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Thinking about how possible or impossible Migration must be over the Arctic, granted...this is an Arctic Fox, designed to do this....but who knew it was possible for even them to cross the Arctic Ice from Norway to Greenland to Canada in just 76 Days?

Following Wolves or other predators who know where to go for prey, it would not take Thousands of Years to cross by going over the Frozen Arctic, no matter how thick the ice was, it wasn't necessarily the barrier we presumed. They may have observed migrations back and forth across the ice sheet and followed them seasonally, when conditions were right, which has has huge variance over time to allow for sweet spots like mild summers.

The Fox did it from March 1 to July 1. I suspect those who didn't grow up in front of a computer were able to manage to go anywhere they dreamed of trying to go, probably coming both by land and sea in numerous waves, in more directions that we ever thought possible, such as Europe to North America in a Season, if you're quick like a fox!

Does this strike anyone else as relevant to the scope of our biggest mysteries?

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