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To Graham:

You are probably aware of all this already and way ahead of me on this, but just in case...

What I'd like to see happen in the "community" is for a scientific study on "The Effect on Human Evolution by Electromagnetic Radiation from the Core of the Galaxy." Some are aware that we go in cycles up/down in intelligence, technology, spirituality, and perception of subtler energies. HOWEVER, most haven't yet grasped WHY every 12,000 years we are either in a golden age, nearly god-like, and then slowly descend into nearly stone-age ignorance, ready to beat our neighbor over the head and steal his sneakers.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a scientist. I have no proof of what I'm saying. I base this purely on intuition and in part, the pure LOGIC of it and how this concept answers so many questions and archeological mysteries where advancement seems at times BACKWARDS from the established paradigm of academia. We must see the bigger picture, as you have been pushing people to do for the last 20 or so years!

Here's the deal -- and of course this stirs up all sorts of controversy -- but it's TRUE. Our Solar system is BINARY. The fact that current astronomers have not discovered or confirmed this yet (or if they have they're not telling) does not change the following fact:

Because our solar system has a dual star (somewhere out there) we are in ORBIT. In that orbit, we traverse slowly closer to the galactic center, then slowly farther away. Knowing what we are beginning to know about electromagnetic radiation and its effects on living beings, being closer to the galactic center means much stronger energies around us and in us. This has a "quickening" effect on our intellect, psyche, physical attributes, DNA, spiritual insight and perception of the subtler energies in the universe. We naturally evolve and get smarter the closer we are to the core's field. And then devolve as we move away from it.

Dr. Valerie Hunt, former Prof. of Physiology at UCLA:

A hypothesis for how consciousness might be affected by such a celestial cycle can be built on the work of Dr. Valerie Hunt, a former professor of physiology at UCLA. In a number of studies, she has found that changes in the ambient subtle electrical, EM and magnetic fields (which surround us all the time) can dramatically affect human cognition and performance. In short, consciousness appears to be affected by subtle fields of light, or as quantum physicist Dr. Amit Goswami might implies, "Consciousness prefers light." Consistent with myth and folklore, the concept behind the Great Year or cyclical model of history is based on the Sun's motion through space, subjecting Earth to waxing and waning stellar fields (all stars are huge generators of EM spectra) and resulting in the legendary rise and fall of the ages over great epochs of time.

Dr. Valerie Hunt, Ed.D Developed the "AuraMeter" which detects bioenergy fields (0 - 2,500Hz) Beyond the technical considerations, a moving solar system appears to provide a logical reason why we might have a Great Year, to use Plato's term, with alternating dark and golden ages. That is, if the solar system carrying the Earth actually moves in a huge orbit, subjecting Earth to the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum of another star or EM source along the way (my note: The Galactic Core), and shaping the subtle electrical and magnetic fields through which we move, we could expect this to affect our magnetosphere, ionosphere, and very likely all life in a pattern commensurate with that orbit. Just as Earth's smaller diurnal and annual motions produce the cycles of day and night and the seasons of the year (both due to Earth's changing position in relation to the EM spectrum of the Sun), so might the larger celestial motion be expected to produce a cycle that affects life and consciousness on a grand scale."

You have probably already looked at this book? "The Holy Science" by Swami Sri Yukteswar, written near the turn of the 19th century. He succinctly explains the how and the why of this 24,000 cycle. If you have not already seen this book I urge you to read it.

One last note: Many who touch this "theory" often mistakenly calculate the cycle to last 26,000 years. Sri Yukteswar says "24,000" years and I believe the reason it is 24,000 is because the orbit is eliptical and speeds up as it approaches its apoapsis, while slowing down during periapsis. The cosmos, in its infinite wisdom and (sympathy), probably decided if it was going to put a planet through hell every 24,000 years, at least make the darkest part shorter and the nicest part longer! According to Sri Yukteswar's calculations and chart, we have just recently passed OUT of the Kali Yuga (dark age) and are in the cusp (1700 to 2000) between the Dark and the Bronze Age, or Dwapara Yuga. This can account for the "stirring of energies" lately and the trend for sleepy humankind to be waking up now.

And that's what I have to say about that. I love the work you have been doing! You are the top of the heap.

Corey Fish
Graphic Designer and Drummer (with unusual vision) :D

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