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Hi everyone. I've been watching some of Graham's past interviews and lectures on youtube recently. I read Fingerprints when it was first published and didn't realise he'd written Magicians so I'm a bit out of the loop but am catching up now as I've bought Magicians.

I don't know if it's been discussed here yet, but in the videos it's all about a cometary impact causing the Younger Dryas cataclysm, and it reminded me of something I saw or read about a decade ago. I can't remember if it was a book I read, or a documentary I saw, something like Horizon or whatever the one on Channel 4 is. All I remember is that it was about a phrase "seven burning mountains", which I think is something from the Book of Enoch, and someone was proposing this was an eye-witness account of someone seeing seven fragments of a comet coming through the atmosphere, shooting across the sky and then impacting in 7 places around the Earth. I can't remember if they'd found impact craters, I think they had, and from my vague recollection, one was in the Atlantic and some of the others landed in Europe. I can't remember if they'd found 7 matching craters or if that is just what my memory "filled in" over the years.

Also I mentioned the Book of Enoch, because this may have been a medium for passing down eye-witness accounts of higher technologies. It certainly is an odd text, quite out of place. In the book Uriel's Machine, the authors use the instructions in the Book of Enoch to create a stellar observatory - interesting because the shape of these structures is different dependent on where in the world you are observing from.

Thought I'd mention it in case anyone has any more info or it is useful in some way to anyone.

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