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You all recognise the numbers I can see that.

The Sun diameter 864000 miles and the Moon 1/400th of that 2160 miles.

Mars is a bit different as it year is 687 days. 687 the base of the Great Pyramid in Indus feet 755.7 imperial feet.

But the number 687 has other properties.

Take the number 6.87 and find the square root = 2.621684 Phi squared.

Then 2.621684 find he square root = 1.61897 and approximate for phi

Then find the square root of 1.61897 = 1.272388081 The slant height of the pyramid

The half base 220 royal cubits x 1.272388081 = 279.925 or 280 royal cubits the height of the pyramid.

The numbers all fit you see.


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