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Interesting idea. Are not all the other planets (and sun) just too big to fit to this model? Mars, say would need a square circa-5.85 sided.

the square roots of Isis

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Gary Osborn's 23.5 826 geoffss 13-Jun-19 09:21
Re: Gary Osborn's 23.5 224 geoffss 13-Jun-19 10:11
Re: Gary Osborn's 23.5 144 molder 14-Jun-19 10:31
Re: Gary Osborn's 23.5 259 geoffss 14-Jun-19 15:41
You should flip it. 128 molder 16-Jun-19 10:52
Re: You should flip it. 227 geoffss 16-Jun-19 15:11
Re: You should flip it. 116 molder 18-Jun-19 12:17
Your numbers? 237 geoffss 18-Jun-19 15:37

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