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Have you looked at Atalanta Fugiens XX1?

You may choose to notice that Maier set an implicit rule: the compass points are a perfect radius. When Gary first looked at this, his (quite inspirational) idea was to incorporate Maier into the Bonnie Gaunt/John Michell Earth-Moon idea:


I'm not sure who precedes who here, Gaunt or Michell - but Gary superimposed Maier on the theirs and had some kind of epiphany: that circle could be Mercury and that pyramid angle could be the Earth's axial tilt. However, he'd already broken Maier's start point: his model was started on the 11 X 14 grid underlaying the Gaunt-Michell idea. So the compass point at the centre had to be 5.5 (X 720 = Earth radius 3960) but in his overlay was at 5.6 (given a Mercury of 3024 miles) and delivered an angle of 23.2 degrees. Now, his present Mercury is at 3032 miles. If you expand his original Mercury to accommodate the change, then the angle will change to 23.25, the Mercury square sides being now 4.211111r. But then, of course, as I've already said, Maier had already been jettisoned (with the 5.6 for 5.5).

BUT you can get round this (accepting jettisoning Maier, the start point): you draw in the 2 23.5s first and then slide "Mercury" up - whatever its diameter - til it fits.

Well, I tried the same with all the moons in the solar system. I don't think I had any problem fitting any of them into squares into this model. I've also got a football. I can fit a cross-section of that into a square and fit it to Gary's model ...

the square roots of isis

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