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SandyJesse Wrote:
> Hi Spiros,
> Personally, I think that the Pyramid of Khafre is
> a message to the future. And for someone to say
> that they made a mistake and changed the design
> midstream, is a good way to never find it, my
> opinion. But is much better not to try and find
> it. First, change the design of a 'know it all'
> attitude and then Khafre's Pyramid just might find
> you,...on some cold, dark early winter morning.
> SJ


It is not just the Khafre pyramid that seems to relate to things in their(the AE's) future, it is the whole whole III or IV dynasty pyramid bloom.

As I have said the idea that the Sphinx - Leo does not represent the constellation on the horizon, like when aligning with the Spring equinox at ~9000 BC but rather it is in the sky in the Eastern direction, could lead us to an exact dating of this alignment. If we use Alnilam and Regulus as the points of reference this takes place the year 1955 AD. It could point to the birth of Bruce Willis lol.

Maybe it did dawn on me one cool autumn morning...

PROPhHTHS(prophet) = 80+100+70+500+8+300+8+200 = ENNEA ETON(nine year old) = (5+50+50+5+1)+(5+300+800+50) = 1266

BR Spiros



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