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Hi CosmicGuy,

Well, don't know if this will be much help to you,..but, the town of Winnemucca was named after Chief Winnemucca(one moccasin). The old timers say that the other moccasin is at Tonopah(next to Area 51).

Used to party at a bar/dance place at Tonopah. The Area 51 people would not talk about it, no matter how much they had to drink.

btw,...about 2 years ago, got caught in the eye of a tornado just north of Winnemucca. Was caught out in the open in it(nowhere to run)with my dog Binky. Took a huge crane to lift the thousands of pounds of roofing and debris off my tent at a small R.V. Park. Me and my dog were standing about twenty feet from the tent. The eye formed a ring around us as though to try to protect us. Plenty of pictures and witnesses to verify it. Me and Binky were unscathed.

Will try to have a more relative post for you in the next few days.


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