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Hi everyone, I'm looking forward to delving into the material here in this forum, which I've just discovered. Can't wait to see what I'll find! I have a question in the meantime... In his recent interview with Joe Rogan, Graham Hancock expresses his surprise at the repeated bag symbol found across various cultures:

"'s the same square-shaped bag with a curved handle that you find on the earliest image of the feathered's odd that this symbol crops up in many different cultures...I'm intrigued by the anomaly that the similar bag turns up...repeatedly..."

Hancock's statement immediately reminded me of Erich Neumann's book, "The Great Mother," and specifically a series of images in the appendix of various sculpted mother figures from different cultures across time. Neumann explains their surprising similarities with depth psychology. In other words, humans have a proclivity to produce these images because they emerge from the deepest parts of the human psyche, and we all swim in its archetypal depths.

Hancock seems to chalk up this phenomenon to an "ancient common ancestor" or something like a Dawkins meme. Depth psychology is all about these memes. They're Jung's archetypes. I'm curious to know if anybody has put these two together -- Jung's work and Hancock's work -- and where it has led them. Otherwise I've got work to do!

Thanks for reading my thoughts, and I'm sure I'll appreciate yours.

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