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It is a curious thing to see stone work done on our hardest igneous rock all around the world which all share a common design style indicating not obsessive precision through measurable symmetries and geometric angular design, but a free formed organic style. The organic fluidity seems to demonstrate a less developed architectural approach, which contrasts completely the fit and seam work. To me, it just looks like it was easy for them. And one theory that fits that observation is that they could soften the stone.

But in keeping with the presumption that the main common aspect of that particular igneous stone polygonal work was that it was easily achieved, and without having to invoke the magic softening stone work, I have to consider if gravity had anything to do with it.

If earths past had a lower gravity, it would both allow creatures to grow far bigger, as well as, I have to presume, allowing igneous rock to cool and form with a lower density. So if you have bigger builders working on softer stone, it would certainly leave a mark resembling Balbek like work.

But it falls apart as an idea because I have to assume igneous rock once cooled and formed wouldn't change density even if placed in an environment with a higher gravity than where it was originally formed.

Sorry if you think its wacko. The electric universe theory has opened up the concept of changing gravity with far more believable science than story books of myths and legends of giants ever could.

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