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After a long absence here in the forum, as I thought not much new could be revealed about the ancient mysteries, I finally logged in again here and was surprised by this great news about new research results from Joseph Davidovits!

Having found carbon based substances within those Puma Pumku andesite workpieces is on its own revolutionary I think!

The probability that volcanic rock or ash encloses organic material on the surface while hardening of course exists, but then carbon should also be visible in raw rocks in the presumed quarry and that was apparently not found.

A C14 analysis about the age wouldn't help as you don't know where the carbon originally came from, i.e. a living plant or coal or oil.

Prof. Michael Barsoum from Drexel University in Philadelphia was also once wondering about granite like stone while he solved the mystery of pyramid limestone in Egypt by the same analysis now done by Davidovits. But he could not find any potential synthesis method for granite back then.

Guano as natural source for hardening the binder in the Puma Punku stones as Davidovits' results indicate, would explain much. It is not easily available in large amounts in other places on Earth and wasn't known as chemical resource in medieval Europe until its use as fertilizer in South America was discovered by the Spaniards.

One detail of the Puma Punku rocks which is easily explained by the use of a molding process, is the lack of unfinished workpieces. I mean with the high precision part finished in part only. The site was apparently an experimental laboratory of the ancient engineers as every block is different. The H blocks vary in height around 1m by 1-2 cm. If the molds were single use, like molds for many metal workpieces are still today, the lack of copies can be explained.

I have never heard about the theory of Puma Punku being an ancient experimental laboratory in general, except when Peter Br├╝chmann, a German aviation engineer, mentioned that in one of his talks. Though his assumption at least back then was, that a soft proto-andesit material was naturally provided by some large local catastrophic event. I still also favor that limited temporarary natural resource as explanation as you can find workpieces in Abusir, Egypt still attached to granite bedrock. And near ground level in Ollantaytambo, Peru you find shaped natural bedrock also, though I don't know the type of stone there.

Now a similar analysis of the granite use to build the megalithic Cusco walls would be interesting...

Photos from my November 2011 Puma Punku trip:

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