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If your an advocate of geopolymers and suspect this process could explain most if not all the anomalous megalithic works, I'm curious to know how you resolve the seeming soften stone still connected to the bedrock. For instance, do you imagine the scoop marks at the unfinished obelisk are a result of a plant extract topical application?

And if so, would you then say that this chemical process transforms the surface stone into a sort of slurry after a period of time and to a certain depth, after which the chemical reactions cease perhaps having used up the activation catalyst in the mixture, at which point they are able to scoop it out, revealing a lower level to then apply the mixture again?

Do you imagine that the chemical process is slow or fast? Would it be a fast reaction, say fast enough to hose down a wall while scratching away the rock, leaving the many examples of parallel chisel marks like on the walls of Petra for example?

I'm curious to understand how those of the geopolymers school 'flesh out' the full picture including and explaining all of the varying anomalous works. I know for example, that the bosses are considered mold filling ports to geopolymer advocates. Was looking for more of the picture from that perspective.

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