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Race Jackson Wrote:
> Right. But you are thinking like a person from a
> 21st century industrial civilization. The
> civilization that built these was not industrial.
> They were very much a hand tool level
> civilization. Communication was mostly verbal,
> most people would have been illiterate. Knowledge
> and processes would have been done by
> demonstration, at the local level. And the
> sophistication of communication depends upon
> vocabulary.
> Take your sentence: "I'm thinking 'casting' in
> terms of repetitive manufacturing as opposed to
> in-situ moulding, as in construction." Do you
> think you could even translate the words of that
> sentence into their language? I doubt it. They
> lacked the vocabulary. And so they lacked the
> thought processes that depend upon vocabulary.

If they could make an accurate wooden mould, which was then used to make concrete blocks.
Then what's so difficult about making one wooden pattern (a positive), from which numerous moulds (negatives) could readily be made, from which even more numerous blocks (positives) could be made?

I think they did have the thought processes. (The 'pattern first' process pre dates the industrial era by millennia). I also think they had enough of those thought processes to build up a wooden positive pattern from blocks and flats. If you analyse an H block you can clearly see how they are built up..

The difficulty was always in understanding their wet moulding materials techniques and technologies. That 'difficulty' now seems to have been removed.

The remaining difficulty would be in understanding how they achieved through measurement, and transfer of measurement the extreme flatness and uniformity of the surfaces.
I'm pretty sure they didn't have access to precision measuring instruments with which to make their flat planar surfaced patterns and/or moulds.
Instruments similar to the precision measuring instruments that we need to use today, without which, we today couldn't even begin to measure and therefore recognise their achievement in precision flatness.
Flatness, whether it be in a pattern, mould or block doesn't come easily.

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