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Race Jackson Wrote:

> Because in almost every culture everywhere, slurry
> is poured into forms which are almost always made
> of wood. Wood is easy to acquire, easy to shape,
> and really cheap to acquire. It is so common, I
> don't know of any historical examples where slurry
> (any fluid mixture of a dissolved or pulverized
> solid with a liquid) was not poured into
> forms made of wood (except rare cases where the
> forms were made of fabric). Today some forms are
> made of metal, usually steel or aluminum. But
> historically? Almost always wood, sometimes but
> rarely fabric. And when fabric, the fabric was
> supported by wood.

A valid point.
However the H blocks are of various differing shapes, so would it not be reasonable to assume that various forms were used as required?

It seems to me that the H block pattern was first made, by a 'pattern maker', probably from wood. The H block 'patterns' look to have been, and could easily be built up out of various (wooden?) blocks and flats with rectangular cut outs.. A mould then being cast from the pattern. The mould, not having to be heat resistant as in iron casting, could be cast from exactly the same concrete as the final block. Looking at the form of the H blocks, the mould would need to be made to separate in order to extract the finished cured block from the mould.

Wooden Pattern > Mould > Finished Block..

I'm thinking 'casting' in terms of repetitive manufacturing as opposed to in-situ moulding, as in construction.

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