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drrayeye Wrote:
> Hi c-rogers,
> I've been following this for a long time--and the
> findings make a lot of sense.
> Ray

I've been following it too but I noted two oddities: One the andesite stones are not exact they are close but not perfect which should be the case in molded stones.

Note the andesite stone on the right side then compare the two incised squares within - they are not the same and then compare those to the stone on the left - again changes. Odd

The other oddity was their declaration of finding 'organic' material in andesite. Okay but andesite is known to have carbon dioxide gas within it from when it forms - this would explain the present of carbon and also it is interesting that they found carbon in the andesite and NOT the sandstone which would be explain by the latter being sedimentary and not a magma created stone like andesite. Hopefully they will resolve that.

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