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there are two determinations of lengths 9068.8 imperial inches (the first determination) and 9125.9 imperial inches (the second determination).

Hugh Franklin's work covers the first determination and the second was not known to me until I began researching on this website.

The cubit lengths can be arrived at by dividing the determinations by 440 but first they need to be interpreted to work out the relevant cubit value that can be derived from each one.

Hugh has worked out the first determination value as 9069/440 but the suggested decode is actually 9068.8888888888888888888888r/440 = 20.6111111111111111111r as the relevant cubit length. This does not invalidate Hugh's calculation. Petrie confirms this cubit as 20.611 so the difference is miniscule.

So the first cubit length is set as 20.6111r from determination 1.

It is very fortunate that the second determination can be taken directly from the workings of a well respected contributor to this website.

the adjusted determination is 9125.925925r /440 = 20.740740r

So the second cubit length is set at 20.740740 from the second determination.

The two cubit lengths are related as follows

20.61111r x 160/159 = 20.470470r the difference between then is 35/270 as follows

the second cubit is 5600/270 the first is 5565/270 and the relationship between the two is very apparent.

So the notional height of the GP can be determined against the second determination as follows

20.740740r x 280 = 5807.407407

This does not look at all promising until it is converted into Sneferu feet and then all becomes very clear. The Sneferu foot is 6/10ths of one cubit so 20.740740r x 0.6 = 12.444r imperial inches.

5807.407407 / 12.4444r = 466.666r and the base length in Sneferu feet is 2933.333r and this is one eclipse month x 100 in eclipse theory each side being 733.333r Sneferu feet.

The unit of determination is the imperial inch.

Calculation of geocentric and heliocentric units.


multiply the cubit by 1200 to give the variable Earth circumference

20.740740r x 1200 = 24888.888r

Heliocentric (Solar days)

multiply the cubit by 1760 to give the GP base length and divide by 100 inches to give solar days.

20.740740r x 1760 = 36503.7037r / 100 = 365.037037r solar days.

Calculation of root 2 as 140/99

take the Earth circumference as 24888.888r and divide by 1760 = 14.141414141414r being 10 root 2 approximate.

This is the maximum base perimeter as measured by Petrie and happens to be against this very well known root 2 value as 140/99.

Course 132 elevation



24888.888r / 3888.888r = 256/40

calculation of root 2 as 99/70

1760 divided by 100 Sneferu feet is 99/70.

What lies between the two root 2 approximates?

9.87654321 / 8 = 1.2345679

9.87654321 take the square root and divide by 2.22222r to get real root 2.

10000/9801 = 1.0203040506070809

100/81 = 1.2345679

1000/891 = 1.12233445566778899

Hugh Franklin's Calculation

Hugh has the GP side as 277.777r making the base perimeter 1111.111r megalithic yards this is x his megalithic yard of 2.7207 imperial feet

1111.111r x 2.7207 = 3023 feet 36276 inches 9069 inches for one side.

9069 - 9068.888r = 0.1111111r the base unit and one base unit above Petrie's first determination.

There is much much more evidence that this second determination unlocks the GP design and it enables the pyramid inch to be determined against the imperial inch and the result is a confirmation of eclipse theory.

No wonder Alexander Thom did not bother to do any measurements at the GP, he obviously recognised that he could not possibly better Petrie's achievements, nor has anyone since it would seem.


25000 - 24888.888r = 111.111r imperial miles.

and it is important to note the cubit of 28 units is calculated by using 270 as a denominator.

Also, 14.666r x 27/28 = 99/7 or 10 root 2, and the eclipse unit to root 2 relationship becomes apparent within the eclipse calculation system.


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