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Adding to the list of hypotheses concerning the placing of G2, I’ve now loaded my Giza analysis onto my web site:

Giza Plateau: Layout Design and Dimensions

I’ve provided the plan below because I appear to be hitting some technical problems. The hypothesis is that G2 may have been positioned within a G1-type pyramid layout at the centre of the Giza design. The main difference with this plan is that it assumes that two cubit lengths were used on the plateau.

In the plan shown here, the centre of G2 is 7.4 inches east and 4 inches north of where Petrie’s measurements place it.

As this suggestion will certainly be declared to be nonsense by somebody here, this must finally demonstrate for good that it's possible to be this accurate by sheer accident and that if you try hard and long enough you can ‘prove’ almost anything with numbers!

I’ve decided it's probably now time to move on to other things. Thanks for all the discussions.

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