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Hello Engbren,

In my book Thebes Andromedia Estia(in Greek) I look into an alignment of Gemini through it's brightest star with the mountains that relate to the Giza pyramids. You thus might be correct in relating the Djed pillar with Gemini. The pyramid in Greece was erected by twin brothers! Look at the cover of my book here:


The left side of the triangle seems to be the Djed pillar. So now that I think of it Alhena seems to be a key star in these correlations.

How do the decans relate to the four bands of the pillar? Why four? It's not easy to pick between 4 and 5 levels in the Gemini shape. One brother has five star levels (gamma, zeta, delta, ypsilon, beta). The other brother has four star levels (nu, epsilon, tau, alpha). It's not clear if in the latter we should add the rho star.

What I noticed is that Pollux and Regulus more or less rise and set at the same position in the horizon during the Old Kingdom. We can compute the year that they rose at the same exact azimuth to be 2699 BC. According to Redford, Djoser started his reign the year 2687 BC.

Remember, pyramids are stars are mountains.

Here is the spine:

SPONDYLIKH STHLH(Spondulike Stele: spine) = (200+80+70+50+4+400+30+10+20+8)+(200+300+8+30+8) = 1,418




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