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Displaying unique dimension ratios - base perimeter (1760), of which half (880), divided by its vertical height (280), produce the number 3.1428571429...
the Great Pyramid, astoundingly, is Pi

i.e. Height x Pi = 1/2 BasePerimeter

-or: Pi/2 x H.280 = Base(1)SideLength

i.e. SideLength 440/Pi x2 = Height

Unconventional? Coincidence? - hold that thought and appraise the Talisman in context of The complete users manual to the dynamics of planet Earth

Contemplating... in the event that the total number -- core, chambers, cladding, the lot (capstone, or not) -- should amount to two million building blocks, which if cargoed by three SolarBoat loads (East), such would convey 'The Number of The Beast'... For the esoteric brotherhood of course, thereby also, considered in tonnage, which (give or take a couple gross exaggerations & under-estimates ;-) yield displacement pushing nine million mark... in resonance with rate of precession: number of minutes, accumulated over equal number of days, that constitute the cycle. Mmm... o.t.t. encoding? - perhaps, however, such would not be entirely out of character with other, seemingly inexhaustable, surprises typified by Khufu. Let's appraise the more accessible...

(slip on the deck shooz, we're goin' sailing) Quayside, two 'boat docks' flank the CustomsTemple of G1, another closeby, against its Gangway. Focussing on the Eastern aspect. Fanned out in azimuth at Giza, three port o'call Causeways with terminals facilitate the Solar*Vessel, on its journey with the Sun☆Disc. Voyaging along the horizon, the two Solstice turn-about points -- Summer cruises in the hemispheres N & S respective of the equator -- align with the 'jetty' of G1 & that of G2. Crossing the equator, Equinox, is a mid-voyage replenishment station, en-route to & fro those destinations. Docking at this milestone, Menkaure's quay, numerous barrels of grog is taken aboard via G3 gangway, for the crew's needs (a merry bunch with the DjediMagician in their midst :-)

Although a regular scheduled call, twice every SolarYear, that of the LongCount voyage is of greater significance -- two fixtures in a GreatYear -- when, this 'divine mooring' hosts the SolarDisc against the backdrop of the GalacticNucleus. The other, 180° opposed, comprise the set decor portraying of the Duat☆Afterworld . The two gigs split the Galaxy down the middle (Duat glyph: Five Point Star in a Circle). Two grand occasions, associated with two celebrated StarGroups, the Equinox and also Polar wander - the latter, moreover, incurs a reversal insofar Earth's axis slanting the other way. The last epic era concluded in 1250 BCE, with arrival at the terminal of G1, home port to Sunrise☆Sunset.

There, the SolarBoat is subsequently dissembled for its 'dry-dock' interment - in commemoration of the closure of an epoch, in which the separation distance between the TropicCircles was 28°... Age of the legendary Sir 0 - cut in pieces, numbering half his age -- determined by 14° obliquity -- and depicted by the combined angle of G1 & G2 Causeways. (ref. 'Glance at Giza' topic: see my comment in context of the glyph inscription above GP North entrance). The two causeways' mutual point of origin (by geometrical extension Westward) is in the 'barracks of the 72 conspirators' - located adjacent to G2 (see Rostau-Giza divide image).

The convergence of the angles merge with the pivot, by which 'Maat' balance two halves of a precession cycle. Although of same duration, the two, 13 millennia apiece, are by no means equal - one harbours evil... Accompanying of Polar wander, the slant of the DjedPillar changes respective of Sol, which registers via the shadow cast by G2 (Khafre) upon the 'workmen quarters' calibration.

Observed against the horizon, the Solar☆Disc gradually surpasses the former standstill & turnaround points - in progress ever since 1250 BCE. Tipping the scales trend continue to the peak of chaos, when Earth, tipped over on its side, weighs in with obliquity max. of 58° - not so distant... Long prior, our civilization will already be a statistic.

Therefore, hailing from the tail generation with barely something to toast, be grateful for still possessing a glass to raise -- with some content -- do so... Happy☆Solstice!

ps. while savouring the moment, spare a thought of your future generations - they will be the cast in 'MadMax, the Finale'...
Failing to uphold 'Maat & Heka' in the present millennium and likely those following also... the elite 'Truth-Justice' regime require carbon tax $ for the MM production (no, 'Runaway GravyTrain' and 'To Hell with the World' are funded by a CharityFoundation :o) while 'AwakenPeople' is a D.I.Y. entry and not expected to be nominated for anything, save perhaps the wooden spoon...
(edited to add article link)

Astronomically supportable, in context of Egyptian history, 'myth' ought to rank tops among cultural evidence, yet, Egyptology, hand-in-hand with archaeology, as disciples of scientific study, brush it aside... Proclaiming the abundance of preserved record "non-sense and fanciful imagination", while claiming the 'professional' high ground, where they, the 'informed', are victimised by pseudo-crusaders :-D ...something's amiss with the establishment and it is not the subject material.
Punting "the pyramids are tombs fit for a king - Giza is a cemetery" line, has nada on the dead-cert crowd puller, that the actual function, in fact, could dispense into GDP revenue derived from tourism. 'Losing out Bigtime'... such is the value of tangible truth - feathers.

Pending investigation:
an AstronomicalUnit (distance between Earth & Sun) may be derived from Heliopolis (Sesostris I Obelisk) to the GP, which represents Earth. Alternatively, since Isis is associated with Sothis, correlating with Heliopolis, the 45°diagonal could indicate the distance from Earth to the star Sirius.
Perhaps Dune could apply the Google measure app in this regard... Dennis?

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