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Merrell Wrote:

> It's explained
> in detail here.
> One version was by Ibrahim ibn Wasif Shah, writing
> ca. 1200.
> The second comes from the mediaeval Book of
> Marvels, the Akhbār al-zamān.

Thank you.


“In carrying on the work, leaves of papyrus, or paper, inscribed with certain characters, were placed under the stones prepared in the quarries; and upon being struck, the blocks were moved at each time the distance of a bowshot (about one hundred and fifty cubits), and so by degrees arrived at the Pyramids!

I believe I saw yet another very similar account that used the word "flew". In any case the PT implied this word;

1130a. When thou sayest, "statues", in respect to these stones,
1130b. which are like fledglings of swallows under the river-bank;

Swallow fledglings hug the contour of the ground and appear to be being pulled through the air.

Both statements can be literally true at the same time. The blocks were moved at each time the distance of a bowshot and they did fly like the fledglings of swallows.

Alternatively the modern conceit that ancient people didn't make sense might be the reality. I doubt that people who made no sense could write Merrer's Diary or build huge pyramids. I doubt that the human race would have survived long enough to even try to build a pyramid if we were superstitious and moribund as we are told.

There are far simpler explanations for how humans survived and built pyramids than the use of brute force and ramps. These simpler explanations just happen to better fit the evidence.

Man fears the pyramid, time fears man.

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