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Martin Stower Wrote:
> cladking Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > Ancient reports said stones flew a bow shot at
> a
> > time. . . .
> I see. “Ancient reports”. That’s a
> citation?


It is a fact.

I don't recall when it was first recorded but it was an early Arab account. I believe such things originated in Manetho's writings but, of course, there's no way to know since almost nothing of Manetho's writing survives. People don't seem to comprehend the simple fact that writing and papyrus were invented in 3200 BC but then history doesn't start until 2000 BC!!!!! Then even after 2000 BC "history" is highly fragmented because so many resource materials are lost. It's not merely that the resources are lost but in many cases all the writing derived from this source material. There is no line of scholarship that goes back to 2000 BC but rather there are bits of pieces of history dating back to 2000 BC.

I believe there is no history at all before 2000 BC because of the language change. Nothing could be preserved between Ancient Language and modern language because they can not be translated. Writing doesn't survive for the same reason. Since it wasn't understood it wasn't preserved except as "interpretion". These interpretations appear fantastic to the modern eye and are dismissed as the musings of sun addled bumpkins.

It is said that the stones had a piece of paper attached top them and then they flew 300' at a time. I believe this "flight" was powered by a counterweight at the end of the NNE Trench that fell 300' down the cliff face over and over.

Egyptology sees a universe of evidence which excludes many many of the relevant facts and makes other important clues into mere measurements and interpretation. Egyptological interpretations excludes all the historical record such as Horapollo who said the ancients believed water sprang from the earth and Herodotus who gave a reasonably clear and concise explanation for how the pyramids were built. It ignores the words of the builders themselves who literally stated tefnut built the pyramid (made the earth high under the sky). It ignores the physical evidence which shows a ramp leading straight to the mason's shop right from the Nile Port. It ignores reason and facts like that it is already state of the art that stones were pulled straight up the sides of five step pyramids. Reality has never been established by consensus. Neither science nor nature is dependent on the opinion of any individual nor on the opinions of every individual. Science doesn't work this way.

Man fears the pyramid, time fears man.

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