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Thanos5150 Wrote:

> Regardless of any other factors, like mentioned
> above, for one block to get from the quarry to G1
> in one minute, point A to point B, it would need
> to be travelling at a speed of at least 30 miles
> per hour. For perspective, the fastest running
> speed ever recorded for a human was 27.8 mph by
> Usain Bolt. If 2 blocks left the quarry every
> minute, say to accommodate 2 access ramps to the
> pyramid instead of just one, a speed of at least
> 15 miles per hour would be required. 4 blocks,
> 7.5mph, which is faster than the average human
> jogging speed of 4-6mph.

I guess they mustta needed more than two ramps or they were multilane. ;)

Ancient reports said stones flew a bow shot at a time. This just might mean there were many stones moving up 300' each time.

The quarry merely needed to produce a 2 1/2 ton stone per minute. These were then used sequentially on the pyramid as evidenced by the horizontal lines visible in the sides.

Heavily edited...

Man fears the pyramid, time fears man.

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