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Hi Dr.Troglodyte,
judging by cladking's observations I'm not missing a new break-through 'blockbuster'... Concerning core building material, sources vary by enormous margin: nowadays from under 600.000 as opposed to as high as 2,4 million formerly -- it seems anyone's guess and mine* fits snugly within those generous parameters ;-) at least, it's of interest -- who's going to do the tally?
The quarry for such seems equally contentious - be it as may, what is certain, the inner blocks (as well as the outer cladding for that matter) were laid in place, where they are (or used to be) and that required time & effort, which can hardly be exaggerated or underestimated (the Bent & Red Pyramids at Dashour, attributed to Snefru, are great pyramids that demanded double that, in virtually identical time).

With regards three vessels, I am referring to the 3 boat pits located on the East of G1 - two on either side of the Mortuary Temple and one suggestively beside G1 causeway, which it could not literally navigate. (Ref. aerial view - particularly the 'colour inverted' blue-negative image).

In terms of of my 'cross generational' statement, Egyptology contend that a king could only commence with planning and construction upon ascending to power, not prior... All 8 OldKingdom pyramids are part of a well substantiated wider concept, which had to be devised at the outset (not to mention the impossibility thereof in context of level of know-how 5000 years ago). Such is taboo in Egyptology.

'suppose the anathema could cut both ways, eh? - Egyptologists’ and the various 'professionals' with whom they confer, are wrong in fact - one example (of numerous more), the evidence of Giza being a unified project, cannot be disputed (ref. same link as above).

There are various other aspects that could actually bring much needed insight to their subject of study, however, Egypt'logical dogma (to their detriment) are unable to appraise matters outside of their restricted field - doing so requires cross disciplinary expertise, hence the big picture evades them.

ps. restoration work following after, can be anyone's doing - I'm questioning who decided pyramid locations in advance... however, and its of no consequence, merely a curiosity - if 'Heka' is acquired through initiation into knowledge of Thoth, whereby the candidate can deal with with the ordeals of the Duat, I am puzzled at how such can be justified on his behalf...

* based on 2 million-ish :-), the rate of placement in position is closer to 1 every 5 minutes, not one per min. as stated in my previous post.

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