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Merrell Wrote:
> The conclusions from the archaeologists' analysis
> and discussion of the papyri themselves:
> conclusions made much more striking in the video.

This is the same program I saw last year and the only thing "striking" about it is what a typical popular-consumption-lowest-common-denominator vapid turd it was. The regurgitated opinions of Tallet along with "new" but not so new discoveries by Lehner with a "proof of concept" team building a boat to haul a few stones from Turah to Giza. That about it?

We have discussed the Merer Diary at length. There is no specificity any activity was related to the building of pyramids if only the contrary, further contradicted by the timing of the 27th of Khufu's reign.

This is a recreation of the canals and harbor from the program is it not: HERE.

Which would be a jazzed up version of this from 2014:


We would note even with a hypothetical "Khufu marina" this still does not give access to G1 and as the recreation shows, as I have previously suggested, this access would have been the Sphinx Harbor or "Khafre Basin". To quote Lehner:

"At its western end the canal basin [Khafre Basin] was most likely T-shaped....This was the major conduit up onto the plateau and to the platforms of the Khufu and Khafre pyramids".

Regarding the proof of concept team demonstrating a simple boat could move blocks from Tura to Giza-is this really required for us to understand this actually happened...?

Coming back to the Merer Diary and Tallet which dovetails into this recent thread:
G1 and the Boat Pits of Djedefre
From this post (which did not get one response related to its content):

As an aside, to take a detour for a moment, in a relieving chamber of G1 there is a worker's mark that notes the 17th cattle count which would make it either the 17th or 34th year of Khufu's reign. This means it took "Khufu" either 17 or 34yrs to build up to the RC. The Merer diary notes the 27th year of Khufu's reign which they were still hauling limestone to Giza for work on something. If it really was for G1 as some Egyptologist suggest, this would mean they were still working on G1 for at least 10 more years after getting to the relieving chamber. Keep in mind that at that point around 90% of the pyramid would have been completed.

If it took 10yrs to complete the last 10% how long did it take to do the other 90% which would have comprised all of the largest stones (except casing stones) and granite work...? Hmm. Something ain't right here.

Most Egyptologists accept a 23yr reign for Khufu which some suggest as high as 46 yet the latter depends on whether or not the compilers of the Turin King list accounted for the 2yr cattle count. It seems unlikely they did not as this would double the length of each pharaohs reign, so Menkaure for example, would have ruled a whopping 56yrs which seems highly unlikely.

So, in the 27th year of Khufu's reign they were still working on G1...? Yeah, that is "striking". I am curious-how many years after the fact did it take to build the mortuary temple, mastabas, mastaba temples, queen's pyramids, boat pits ect? The queen's pyramids were also cased in Tura limestone as were some of the mastabas. All are part of "Akhet-Khufu".

Ankhhaf (son of Sneferu), mentioned in Merer's Diary, is an interesting fellow who it appears died sometime during the reign of Khafre. A reassessment of the building of his mastaba G7510, the largest at Giza, suggests it was begun at the end of Khufu's reign in which construction continued though the reign of Khafre. The date given for the Merer Diary, the 13th cattle count, or "(26th) 27th year of Khufu's reign", does not actually come from Merer's Diary but rather some administrative document fragments found nearby. According to Tallet:

“This diary,” write Tallet and Marouard, “found in the same archaeological context as the administrative accounts dating to regnal Year 27, highlights two major facts: it confirms that Ankh-haf was effectively vizier and in charge of some of the final steps of the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza, and it verifies that the pyramid was clearly at a final stage of the construction project at the very end of the Khufu’s reign.”

So, these other documents mention a "13th cattle count", but I see no verification they mention Khufu by name and the only reason this is assumed to be Khufu's reign is, for one, the "archaeological context" it is found which I'd like to know what this is exactly that would place it specifically in Khufu's reign, but more importantly that it is also assumed the work performed at Akhet-Khufu, the G1 pyramid complex and not the necessarily the pyramid itself, was being performed by Ankhhaf during Khufu's reign. Here's the rub-there is no verification Ankhhaf was vizier under Khufu in which Reisner among others thought he was actually vizier under Khafre. If we consider the year of Djedfre's reign in the Khufu boat pit being the 11th cattle count, it is no great stretch considering Ankhhaf was alive perhaps even working as a vizier under Khafre that this may be reffering to the 13th cattle count of Djedfre's reign, not Khufu-a time when the boat pits and peripheral structures were being built after G1 had been completed.

Despite the titles of Ankhhaf found in his mastaba none mention Khufu. An interesting detour here is one of his titles says he is the "eldest [king's] son of his body" and "vizier and great one of Five of the house of Thoth". We know from the Merer Diary he is overseer at least of Akhet-Khufu-the G1 pyramid complex. Interestingly, Hemiunu, believed to be the "architect" of G1 (because of his title "Overseer of All Construction Projects of the King, king's [grand]son of his own body" which is vague), one of his titles reads as well:

"King's son of his body, chief justice and vizier, greatest of the five of the House of Thoth".

Hmm. Ankhhaf would not have been alive to see G3 built, converted as I have argued, into a pyramid. I am left to wonder if a "House of Thoth" is a pyramid, specifically a true pyramid, in which G1 would certainly be the "greatest" of the 5 great true pyramids at that point-Medium, BP, RP, G1, and G2. The rub, however, if true, this would mean G2 was already a true pyramid, or at least on its way to being one, during the reign of Khufu....

But I digress.

At any rate, if one cares, there is a lot more to this story than presented in this program which the facts, the least of which the diary itself, paint quite a different picture. This is not an endorsement for or against mainstream/alternative views, but rather an objective "assessment" of what we actually know compared to what some with vested interests are imposing on it.

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