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I've gotten one virus (the 844-395-6813 microsoft scam) and it is loading so slowly I'm half way throughg but just got a good belly laugh. About 98% of the work of building G1 was, according to Egyptologists) the grunt work of dragging stones up ramps but the programme suggests that all of the squads were "elite". It remains to be seen how they dragged all these stones "elitely".

As entertainment the show is fine but all I'm seeing is the same old arguments that they believed their king was a god and that he controlled the river. They film people dragging stones on near level ground but no ramps. They say Merrer et al had exacting timetables but this is not how such processes work usually. The critical path timetable is the only one that counts but things like material delivery are always composed of redundant system; if Merrer's boat sank another replaced it. And they still haven't said what makes them think Merrer was hauling stones.

The only error of fact I've noted so far is that they said the diary is the oldest papyrus in the world. In reality it is merely the oldest inscribed papyrus. This is important since the far older papyrus that exists proves that there is a vast mountain of evidence (all the first 400 to 600 years of writing) is lost. There is no mountain of evidence that supports opinion that the pyramids are tombs etc etc.

Man fears the pyramid, time fears man.

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