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Hello hendrik dirker; you wrote: ”I did not watch the video, therefore wonder whether the logistics concerning transport has been soberly considered... Speaking ball park statistics, it is estimated that the GP, alone, comprise some 2 million building blocks, which taken over the reign of the immodest King Khufu, panned out at positioning (that's after delivery on site and raising it uuUP) -i.e. placement, one per minute round the clock (24hrs) - according to Dr. I.E.S. Edwards, 9 million tons in two decades, or so.”

Having not seen the video, puts one at a disadvantage in this discussion; at the +/- 45:40 mark, the narrator states “68,000” casing stones. These are among the materials transported from the Turah quarries by boat. As referenced by Merrell, Dr. Smith approximated 100,000 casing blocks [he consistently references the number at “98,000”].

You continue: ”So, 2,000,000 ÷ 3 vessels ironically, equate to 666,666.66666666 per boat (granted, there may have been a larger fleet). I have no idea what the displacement capacity of these may be, however, cannot imagine its too great... The statisticians and quantity surveyors will be able to calculate accordingly…”

There is indeed ‘irony’ in the figures you present, as noted above, 100,000 Turah blocks represents only 5% of the material required for construction. There was certainly a fleet of boats similar to Merer's and his crew; why do you imagine ”3 vessels”? Regarding “displacement capacity”, Egyptian transport boats and barges were capable of conveying loads of 100 to 1,000 metric tons.

You continue: ”Imagine the pressure daddy Sneferu was under - two gigantic pyramids at Dashur, in the same span of time... (their time on the throne 23 & 24 years respectively) and remember, there was no cross-generational business...”

This statement is unevidenced and contradicted by the subsequent Kings who completed (albeit nominally, satisfying Heka necessities) the funerary complexes of their predecessors. Djedfre sealed Khufu’s boat pit, at a minimum, and Shepseskaf used mud brick architecture to consummate Menkaure’s temples.

You conclude: ”Egyptologists really should stick to vases & potsherds.”

‘Egyptologists’, and the various professionals with whom they confer, are the anathema of the misinformed.

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Dr. Troglodyte

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