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hendrik dirker Wrote:

> I did not watch the video, therefore wonder
> whether the logistics concerning transport has
> been soberly considered...

I can't follow the logic here.

The video shows the construction of a replica vessel, carrying just one block - obviously, this was just a trial, to see if the exercise could be carried out at all with a small quantity only.

Speaking ball park
> statistics, it is estimated that the GP, alone,
> comprise some 2 million building blocks, which
> taken over the reign of the immodest King Khufu,
> panned out at positioning (that's after delivery
> on site and raising it uuUP) -i.e.
> placement, one per minute round the clock (24hrs)
> - according to Dr. I.E.S. Edwards, 9 million tons
> in two decades, or so.
> So, 2,000,000 รท 3 vessels ironically, equate to
> 666,666.66666666 per boat (granted, there may have
> been a larger fleet). I have no idea what the
> displacement capacity of these may be, however,
> cannot imagine its too great... The statisticians
> and quantity surveyors will be able to calculate
> accordingly.

As I understand it, Merer was transporting limestone from Turah for the casing blocks - perhaps 100,000 of them?

The rest of the blocks were quarried nearby at Giza (see for example here, 631, 638).

> Then there is the wind... I doubt it prevailed day
> & night, month in & out for all those years -

Merer and his men appear to have sailed or rowed in daylight hours, and moored the vessel during the hours of darkness so that they could rest.

And they weren't relying on wind all the time. From my previous post:

... they used the Nile's current to row downstream with their load of stone blocks, and, having unloaded, were then able to use the wind to sail back upstream (30:30).

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