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A sandstorm in July of 2014 at the Nazca desert exposed previously unknown, large scale, geoglyphs believed to have been fashioned during the contemporaneous overlap of the Paracas and Nazca cultures.

In a recent replay of the Travel Channel’s “Expedition Unknown” Episode Secrets of the Nazca (Release Date: 19MAR15), host Josh Gates takes a short coastal sea excursion along the northern coast of the Paracas Peninsula at Pisco Bay in Peru. He is joined on a small boat by local “Archaeologist”, Rolando Aybar.

In the short video ”Costline Candelabra”, Josh and the Archaeologist discuss the alignment relationship of the Paracas cultures’ Candelabra and the Nazca cultures’ Hummingbird geoglyphs.

In an inexplicable stretch of imagination, at a minimum, or perhaps ‘artistic license’ at a maximum, the episode employs dialogue that apparently is intended to establish the show’s ‘theme’ of the desert people’s necessity for water

[Josh @ 2:01] ”The Paracas and the Nazca are starting to come in focus for me. Their lines are deeply tied to their environment, and their dependence on water.”
[Josh @ 2:35] ”The Candelabra glyph can be seen from 12 miles out to sea. It was made by the Paracas people. How old is it?”
[Archaeologist] ”It’s about 2,200 years old. The Paracas didn’t know ‘candelabra’; it was a word of the Spanish.”
[Josh] ”Sure.”
[Archaeologist] ”But this could a cactus.”
[Josh] ”A cactus?”
[Archaeologist] ”The big branch, the big column in the middle; if you elongate that column, it is linking to the Hummingbird of the Nazca Lines.”
[Josh] ”Really?”
[Archaeologist] ”Which, that one, represents the beginning of the rainy season, there in Nazca.”
[Josh] They point to the same direction?
[Archaeologist] The same direction; exactly.
[Josh] ”Wow! That’s incredible. It all comes down to water.”
[Archaeologist] ”Yes; exactly…”

An engaging story, were it true…

The line between the base of the ‘elongated column’ of the Candelabra and the heart of the Hummingbird is approximately 100 miles [160 km] long at a bearing of 128° 46’ 21” (128.7725°) [+/- southeast]:

However, the line of the ‘elongated column’ has a bearing of 176° 40' 48" (176.68°) [+/- south]:

Unfortunately, the claim made by the “Archaeologist”, and ostensibly unverified by Mr. Gates, is erroneous. The ‘elongated column’ points into the open South Pacific Ocean off the western coast of South America, some 47° 54’ 27” (47.9075°) west of the Candelabra - Hummingbird Line.

Regarding the proposition that the Candelabra and Hummingbird geoglyphs ”point to the same direction” is equally mystifying. The line of the Hummingbird’s beak points from its heart at a bearing of 23° 21' 0" (23.35°) [+/-north-northeast]:

Style over substance…to what end?

Dr. Troglodyte

“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?“ - Decimus Junius Juvenalis

“Numero, Pondere et Mensura“

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