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Race Jackson Wrote:
> Michael,
> You are absolutely correct. It is known locally as
> the pipeline canal. The pipeline does run between
> the Yscloskey plant and the Targa midstream
> processing metering station. The question is - did
> they run the pipeline along the canal because the
> canal was already there? Or did they dredge the
> canal to build the pipeline? I can find nothing
> online regarding the creation of the canal.
> But based on other reading, I suspect what we see
> here is a drainage canal. I don't know what came
> first - the drainage canal and then the pipeline
> opportunistically took advantage of the canal, or
> the pipeline was built and then the pipeline canal
> was widened for drainage purposes. Clearly the
> canal is much too large to have been built just
> for the pipeline.
> The only question remaining is - was there an
> ancient canal that was used for the pipeline and
> also widened for drainage? Still, I think you are
> correct. This particular canal cannot be used to
> support John Jensen's theory.
> Thank you for your research!

Hello Race Jackson:

I understand the reluctance toward full concession; conceivably we shall never know for certain. Perhaps we should let the Federal Courts decide:

”Faced with a continuing loss of wetlands and the protection they provide to newly rebuilt levees in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the authority that oversees East Bank levee districts filed a historic lawsuit Wednesday against 97 oil, gas and pipeline companies, demanding that they immediately restore damage to the wetlands.

Activities related to oil and gas exploration and production -- including dredging and the cutting of canals through the wetlands -- has long been blamed for contributing to the loss of land along the Louisiana coast and making the area more vulnerable to flooding during hurricanes.

"We are looking to the industry to fix the part of the problem that they created," said John Barry, vice president of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East. "We're not asking them to fix everything. We only want them to address the part of the problem that they created."

The East Bank authority oversees the Orleans, East Jefferson and Lake Borgne levee districts…”

Acknowledged in the bounds of this lawsuit against ‘oil and gas companies’ is the identified “Pipeline Canal” from our discussion, thus implicating the contemporary nature of the canal’s construction:

Caption within Graphic: ”Some of the many canals dug by the oil and gas industry on the eastern side of the Mississippi River”

Modified from Original Graphic by Dan Swenson/Graphics Reporter

Regrettably, for our purposes, this lawsuit was poorly conceived; not on the basis of the damage to the wetlands, undoubtedly instigated by the oil and gas industries, but by the veracity of an over zealous attempt by the Prosecution to implicate all 97 of the named entities.

Dr. Troglodyte

“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?“ - Decimus Junius Juvenalis

“Numero, Pondere et Mensura“

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