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It is possible that what John Jensen described as canals were actually cursus. (Also see here.)

A Cursus comprises of two parallel linear ditches with internal banks, closed off at the ends. There are around 200 examples known from all over the British Isles...Still very little is known about these long, narrow earthwork structures date from the Neolithic period, many from around 6,000 years ago - and thus some of the oldest monumental structures in the British isles. They have been found across Britain from southern England to Ireland and Scotland...


Cursus (pl. cursūs ) [MC]. A kind of Neolithic ceremonial monument comprising a rectangular enclosure defined by a bank with external ditches. The longest example is the pair of end-to-end joined cursūs known as the Dorset Cursus on Cranborne Chase, Dorset, which together run for more than 10km across the grain of the landscape. More typically, cursūs are between 500m and 3km long...

That fits the description of the "dual lane canal". An interesting explanation for the cursus is that it is an "ungulate trap".

Fences are built across the path of a known migrating herd. Animals are herded towards the cursus, then into its environs, where they become effectively stuck. The animals are later selectively removed from the cursus, leaving little or no remains. This theory also takes into account several features of cursus, such as: The presence of causewayed entrances, banks and ditches. It explains the presence of a river at many sites. It explains the lack of astronomical continuity at cursus.

Looks like a match to me.

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