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Yes, I am aware of that. Note that I said: "I then investigated further and there are many canals in Louisiana made for the oil, gas, and mining industries." For example, there is a canal that runs from Port Sulphur to sulfur mines. The sulfur miners built the canal. Along these canals, or at the beginning or end of them, is an industrial facility. They are all over the place, no question.

But the canal I identify, and provide the link to clearly does not do that. It is quite wide, is dual (with a filled earthwork between the pair of canals), has no industrial usage points, and each lane is very wide. Most modern canals are not nearly as wide, because they don't need to be. Click on the last link I provided in the OP, go to Alluvial City, select satellite view, zoom in, and follow it. It was not dug by muskrats and is not a mosquito ditch.

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