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The rest of the story…at least another version:

”We have to remember that what we observe is not nature in itself but nature exposed to our method of questioning’' — Werner Heisenberg
Compliments of Steve Garcia; Engineer, Author, Poet

”I see that this is posted back near the end of 2010. I will let you know that there has been considerable update to this ancient canal builders thinking.

I was the number two man involved in this, along with John Jensen. I thought John had found something quite remarkable and was convinced for a while that there were no modern explanations for these canals and truly mysterious features along our shores, from Texas to Maine, no less.

But one day while really researching as hard as I could for John, I thought that it would be interesting to call to a phone number connected with a photo…I got hold of a helpful woman in some Maryland governmental office. She told me that the features I was talking about were almost certainly "mosquito ditches”…

So, that took a lot of John's canals out of the mix. Then I saw that there were canals even inland in Louisiana, and some of them went right up to and all around the home of my favorite hot sauce, Tabasco. Avery Island, the home of McIllhenny, has a web site which also happens to have an archivist listed. I emailed him, and he told me that the canals were for oil exploration back in the 1940s and 1950s mostly… they had to keep moving their oil drilling rigs around. They put them on barges, and - so that they could cover as much ground as efficiently as possibly - they dug canals to assure that the barges had enough depth and space to be moved all around…”

That left those really weird squiggles between the mosquito ditches on the Atlantic coast. What could those possibly be? I learned two things in finding out what those were about. The first things is this: Google Earth satellite images can mislead the viewer a LOT. The second was to learn all I ever wanted to know about animals around the coastal marshes. A good search through them eliminated all but a few possibles, and then looking closer at them I found out that muskrats make dens in marshes and they dig their own mini-canals leading to and from their dens…
So, with three mostly separate real world explanations, the ancient canals hypothesis pretty much fell apart. I was loathe to disappoint John with the bad news, but I had no choice…”

Source: Refer Comments by TravelerDiogenes

Dr. Troglodyte

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