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Hi Andy,

as I wrote in my previous post here :

Thank you Andy to have brought to the light another (what and for sure will be discussed and polemized)piece
of the big puzzle of our important and forgot past.
Arrived at ths point of discussion, I take the liberty to intervene to add some more clarifications (I hope)
which IMHO will help to better focalize the basis of your interpretation about Gobelki Tepe .... Mystery....

First of all I have to say that I had a bit similar experience as your, during my chilhood. With my mum every year from the end of School period, in middle of June, till the last days of September, before the beginning of School period, we spent such months in a Farmer, managed / run by the parents of my Mum (not the owners...)
because I was need of "clean" air, far from the city...

So every year since a was 3,5 year old till 14 year old we were there. Just to place in space, the farmer were and still is in a locality just at beginning of Padana Valley in Italy, not very far from the city.

This background made me perfectly understand you and your toughs about Gobelki Tepe.

I consider such my chilhodd expreience a very chance of luck because I experienced, lived and withness the
link with the past and the beginning of future in agricultural field.
It was the basis which allowed me to capacity to think with the mind of our ancestors.

But I will not enter in details of such living system we both experienced in our childhood, I will try, as I said
to make / elaborate some clarifications, supported by other archaeologic findings in other not so far away places but more far away in time, about GRAINS (cereals) STORAGES.... ""Complexes""....

Yes COMPLEXES.... Gobekli Tepe is out of any doubt a COMPLEX, and not a simgle "Mistic Temple" among buildings:

Göbekli Tepe is on a flat and barren plateau, with buildings fanning in all directions. In the north, the plateau is connected to a neighbouring mountain range by a narrow promontory. In all other directions, the ridge descends steeply into slopes and steep cliffs. On top of the ridge there is considerable evidence of human impact.
But it has to know that the Complex was built during a large period of time:

The imposing stratigraphy of Göbekli Tepe attests to many centuries of activity, beginning at least as early as the Epipaleolithic period. Structures identified with the succeeding period, Pre-Pottery Neolithic A (PPNA), have been dated to the 10th millennium BCE. Remains of smaller buildings identified as Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (PPNB) and dating from the 9th millennium BCE have also been unearthed.
Form what above we can easily understand that such locality was ininterruped innhabited for a large number of centuries.... millennia.
This means that the locality was a very green and fertile land which allowed population to leave Hunter Gathers system and start the Agrisulture System.
The most importance at beginning where cereals suitable for BEER and then those for make bread.

What it is essential and vital in Agriculture System is that FOOD can Always be at hand even during the DEAD SEASONS.... without obblige people to move and follow animal migrations to survive.

Of course people were looking at grain storage as SACRED (untouchable, respected and venerate) places.
But in my first post I already evidenced that.

Now what I will point out is the question of ..... DECORATION ..... and COMPLEX just brought to evidence
of what has been find and understand from a wery well know site in Ancient Egypt ... far away in space and
also very very far away in time .. separated by millennia:

The thick, limestone foundation wall of a large, ancient building occupies the southeastern corner the Lost City site at Giza. This is certainly a royal complex.

It is 45 meters (147 feet) wide, extends more than 35 meters (115 feet) north to south, and disappears under a modern soccer field.

Evidence within the structure indicates 4th Dynasty inhabitants used this building for administration and storage. For convenience we call this the Royal Administrative Building (or RAB).
ANd there is a passage evidencing the existence of ROUND SILOS....:

Was the RAB part of a royal residence situated between the Eastern and Western Town? We are as yet unsure of all of the functions of the RAB, but we have ample evidence of storage and some kind of administration.

A prominent feature is the sunken court of round silos, each about five ancient Egyptian cubits (2.62 meters or 8.5 feet) in diameter. We found seven mud-brick silos and they continue under the soccer field.

This must have been the central storage for the dozens of bakeries associated with the Gallery Complexes. A trench from a parapet wall remains around the silos. It is possible that RAB workers could walk upon this wall and fill the silos through holes in the tops. When they needed grain, they could let it out from openings near the floor level.
Then remaining in the AE context we cans see that:

Early Egyptian silos: Our understanding of ordinary life in ancient Egypt has been boosted by the finding of early grain storage silos and a large administration building at Tell Edfu, in southern Egypt, by a team from the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute led by Assistant Professor Nadine Moeller. The seven round mud-brick silos are ranged around a large courtyard of the 17th Dynasty (1630-1520 BC).
Remaining at Tell EDFU:

"The work at Edfu is important and innovative in that it finally allows us to examine ancient Egypt as an urban society,whose cities and towns housed bureaucrats, craft specialists, priests, and farmers. Nadine Moeller's discovery of silos and local administrative buildings shows us how these cities actually functioned as places where the agricultural wealth of the Nile valley was mobilized for the state. Grain as currency provided the sinews of power for the pharaoh," he added.

And about "DECORATION AN COMPLEX STRUCTURES" these photos give an idea

RAB - Lost City site at Giza: Round Silos in RAB

RAB - Cylinder seal with incised geometric design.

TELL EDFU COMPLEX - Temple of Horus, Edfu, Egypt

Do hope what above cand be somehow helpful to better focalize the Gobekli Tepe ..... Mystery.....

Nice and Bright Day




You can not solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that you used to create it.

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