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Hi Everyone!

I was examining the quarry near great pyramid, and I do think stone was quarried, and am proposing there may be a lot more there than meets the eye. This new insight could explain the supposed quick building of the pyramid.

I also seen evidence for advanced large block construction of a different type close to Gobekli Tepe, and were constructed large blocks with a lighter center like bone marrow made with smaller blocks and a fired or concrete or polymer outer shell that surrounded it like Bone, made in such a way that when stacked with designs on outside look like one single piece, which could have been fired together, it looked like ceramic style construction in stone polymer cement possibly which would not require firing.

Ok I am proposing that they may have used the quarry area near the great pyramid as a Jig for making concrete or concrete polymer blocks for the inner part of the great pyramid there properties may have also been tweaked for the purpose it was designed for as well as weight reduction and reduced building time.

With wooden collapsible walls in the spaces left at the bottom it would have contained the pressure of making at least 84 blocks at once just from one picture I seen. So they could have made block fast that are unseen in the interior, just like the dome in Rome with glass balls inside to reduce weight they could have tailored the blocks for weight and conductive or insulating purposes, and it would have made building time a lot faster for sure then use stone on the outside.

Best Regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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