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Good Morning, After watching The Pyramid Code on Netfliks last night, in episode 2 it got me thinking, about the Eletricity of the pyramids theory....I have a question:

With the hieroglyphic picture of conducters and tank (?? like the 'coffin' never used in the Great Pyramid (What was the coffin made from ?? as a tank??)) There was a symbol like water on the tank in this hieroglyph on the wall.... this lead me to think about 'Electric EELs'!!!! (hand drawn, the same, (in the tank discharging maybe ??)) but only found in South America today, this lead me to think about others.

The African Electric Catfish, know to the Ancient Egyptians 3100 BC from 'Hamer': Cities` pictured walls, growing to 4FT long and 600 volts, these also beaning used to cure arthritis back then...

Sorry the Question .... "Could the Catfish, be add to the theory of Electrifying the Pyramids in someway ???"

I would really like to know :) Thank You
(It`s just an idea and I thought I`ll ask, I have no back ground in this)

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