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Reflect on the myriads of elaborate studies and profound theories concerning the Pyramids of Giza, each often supported by multitudes of drawings, mathematical calculations and numerical meanderings. Consider the consequences of an error of the presumed location of one of the Great Three…

The 2012 Glen Dash Foundation Survey took AERA back to its beginnings: the Giza Plateau Mapping Project, launched by Mark Lehner and David Goodman in 1984 to create an accurate map of the natural and man-made features of the entire Giza Plateau. Despite the intense interest in the pyramids over the centuries, no one had yet produced a good topographic map that showed the precise locations of the pyramids and other monuments at Giza. Mark and David laid the groundwork for the map with a survey control network. But the map was never completed—more urgent projects demanded our attention. Thanks to the Glen Dash Foundation, the GDFS picked up where Mark and David left off. During Season 2012 the GDFS team collected much of the data needed to finally create the map…

As the survey team subsequently carried out the survey, they gave each point a number and documented it with a photograph, description, and date. They sketched each corner and wrote notes on where and why they took particular points…

In most cases, Giza’s monuments were about where we expected them to be. However, our new data gives us their exact location whereas before we only knew their approximate positions. In a few cases, we were surprised by our findings. For example, our best available maps placed the Menkaure pyramid more than 20 meters (65.5 feet!) from its true location…”

Caption Reads, in part: “Survey points taken by the 2012 Glen Dash Foundation Survey Project, shown in red. The 2012 survey reveals a need to shift southward the Menkaure Pyramid (GIII), temple, and causeway.” Note: Survey Points offset from North Base Line of Menkaure (GIII).

Dr. Troglodyte

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