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Hello Dr T

Quote "Armchair Giza researcher/theorists often base their suppositions on presumed data of uncertain origin or cogent validity."

I am not am armchair researcher I admit to only being to Giza twice but I have sat in the sand and looked at the corner and base of the 1st and second pyramid not the third as it was still covered in sand. I am not an expert I admit such but I did eyeball them and I did record with my gps the co ords of such.

Quote "In 2012, Mark Lehner penned a declaratory brief outlining the consequences of founding one’s efforts on the ‘known unknowns’ of the extant information.

Lehner wrote: ”Maps of the Giza Necropolis represent pyramids, tombs, and temples with clean rectangles, features that ceased to exist centuries ago and in some cases never existed as such… '

Lehner and Dash have done a great job and I am sure would be the first to admit that what Petrie observed in 1880 and Lerner over 100 years later were not exactly the same. When stone is exposed to the elements it is damaged and for me this was confirmed when at the British museum and looking at a statue from Easter Island I was stunned by it's perfection. It seemed pristine when compared with the present state of statues on the island and that again was around 100 years from when the museum statue was renmoved. Weather takes it's toll.

Petrie and Cole are a great example as confirmation as their measurements, although taken from separate starting points were very nearly identical . Lerner and Dash confirm this and great credit to them.

Petrie went much further and measured the core and sockets as best he could and as exactly as he could.

These measures to should be considered carefully. I think so anyway.


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