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If you wish to debate me then at least watch this entire video.

Please bare with me and open your mind Neo!  We are awash within the instantaneous aether which conveys information, twisting fields, frequencies and vibration.  Extending out from the torus's field riding  the dynamic fields upon aether is all energy.  The future will reinvent itself from the past; for perhaps the true purpose of the Giza Pyramids where a multi functioning platform.  It may have been a weapon, communication device and power plant.  Obviously I'm not a Newton or Einstein fan!  Where these two ignorant of magnetism or where they told not to divulge the true nature of the universe into leading humanity off towards destructive purposes?  I believe those two who are worshiped in physics did not understand magnetism and therefore were incapable of a TOE.

Before you reject this and go down a path of confusion watch the video.

What your looking at is an expression of the aether which the by product of it is matter!

Check out the dielectric field.

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