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Hi Everyone!

Even before they found the sunken man made Harbor that as made by Solomon, I believed that the Base Megalithic blocks in the Temple Mount were concrete. Proof is in the sunken harbor that as far as I know disputes that it is there and was built by Solomon. So if Solomon was building megalithic blocks that you could build a harbor out of, it stands to reason that they could have also built the main foundation out of concrete just as we still do today.

If Solomon had hydraulic in 990 B.C.E. how long was the formula known? What other ancient sites are also Hydraulic or some other form cement or even clay that was fired as a whole building, a stucco glaze or other finish. The Knobs on the Blocks for the First time I am proposing that they were depth markers, Just as when you make a samurai sword you cover part of the blade to protect it when headed and cooled, I propose also that they put a clay or mud covering and built fires to actually fire a clay structure whole, then broke off the mud covering to revel the finished product, and the knobs could also be used after for a number of reasons.

Best Regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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I Propose that Bottom Megaliths in Temple Mount are Hydraulic Cement Built by Solomon 297 Lowelldw64 05-Jul-18 20:35

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