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Hello GHMB

This interview has expansive information. ..
3rd listen for me....

Earth Ancients Excerpt:
William Michael Donato is an American archaeologist who holds an MA in anthropology and is a regular contributor to the Ancient American and Atlantis Rising magazines and is an advocate of a Bimini location for Atlantis. He was the founder of The Atlantis Organisation (TAO) whose work is now continued by the Apex Institute, which was established in 2001 to investigate sites in the Bahamas and other places around the world that might provide evidence of ancient advanced civilizations. Donato’s Master’s Thesis was entitled A Re-examination of the Atlantis Theory.

Donato's comments concerning North America First Nations people's as survivors from Atlantis and Mu,their Mythology
The Maya being Multicultural. ..reflecting the Multicultural aspect of the Former Atlantean age.

More Evidence of Cultural Diffusion. ....
Oceans were Hi ways : )

T Bird

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