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In support of the hypothesis that the pyramid causeways were never designed to be carriageways for the transport of heavy materials let's explore one means by which massive blocks such as the granite blocks, amongst others, could have reached the plateau.

The Harbor of Khufu most likely is now the site of the Mena House Golf Course. This area still has a high water table despite canal access to the Nile having being denied, siltation and land fill.

Suggested Harbor

Mena House 1885

The Causeway of Khufu was most likely the southern wall of the harbor with the feeder canal on the northern side - possibly Al Haram Rd. The image below was taken in 1862 and is an important photograph as it shows the remains of the causeway and the dry depression which was the harbor.

Access to the plateau was most likely a semi-circular road which initially started to the south west before curving to the south.

This access would have been practical for the movement of the heaviest blocks in the pyramid ie the Entrance and Gable blocks as well as the blocks above the King's Chamber as the Entrance and the Grand Gallery (which Houdin postulates was a type of rack and pinion mechanism for raising the large granite slabs into position) both face north - directly to the harbor.

Once this roadway had been established, it would also have been an efficient conduit for the transport of heavy materials to both the pyramids of Khafre and Menkaure. Therefore, as stated, there is no substantial evidence to support the contention that the pyramid causeways at Giza were designed for the purposes of transportation but that their alignments indicate a cosmic influence.


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