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...The Ark of The Covenant is the box that Set trapped Osiris in?

Makes sense.

It's rumored to be of great power

It's been kept hidden for centuries.

The floating down the river bit sort of mirrors the Moses story.

They were in Egypt during antiquity and up to the end. Maybe they snagged it on the way out the door.

Moses was royalty, which means he was also trained in the Egyptian Mystery School and was, by matter of his station in the court, very high ranking in The Temples. (Dude does tons of magic in the old testament. Jesus does too (NT), but I digress)

The Egyptian/Judaeo/Christian epic plays like the passing of a torch. The f@cking precession keeps perfect time with it, reflecting each accordingly.

I don't know. It could be that I ate too many mushrooms on the solstice or something #shrug

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